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Retinoic & Lactic Acid  Brightening And Hydrating  Cleanser
This nourishing Cleansing cream is not a medical treatment for any health conditions, but helps sweep away dulling dirt, oil, and residue, calms and brightens the skin. With calming marine ingredients, even the most distressed and dehydrated skin will find relief. Contain ingredients such as MSM, Gl..

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Azelaic Acid Intensive Bleaching Cleanser Triple strength
Experience instant skin restoration, radiance and health with this new intensive skin bleaching wash that quickly fights discolorations,black spots, acne spots, firms and renews the skin. This product is a professional strength cosmetic skin product that helps with unwanted blemishes, brown pigments..

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AHA C 50% - AHA and Vitamin C Peel
AHAC  30% peel is a blend of AHA and Vitamin C that helps exfoliate the dead outer layer of cells and allow the untouched skin below  to reveal itself. This peel helps reduce the appearance of most impurities in the form of creases, rough texture and discoloration and is best for a sensiti..

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