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Chemical Peels

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Glycolic-Kojic 30% Plus HQ 4% Peel
Natural glycolic peel 30%. Fortified with Kojic Acid & Bearberry Extract plus 4% hydroquinone. Superior skin whitening peel treatment. A perfect skin whitening booster for area with dullness. PH is less than 2.0 for highest potency. Kojic Acid, is a natural inhibitor of melanin derived from a mu..

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Intensive Natural Salicylic acid Peel 30%
Effective peel use for acnes and pigments. Derived from willow plant with a strong ability to penetrate the skin pores and unclog the pores to kill the acne causing bacteria. Good choice for mild and moderate acne vulgaris. May be used as a leave-in peel serum or a wash off skin peel. Contains 5% al..

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Lactic-Mandelic Acid Professional Peel Complex 40%
This is the strongest medical peel available for professionals only. Do not purchase this peel if you are not a licensed aestheticial. Contains 10% phenol for instant skin whitening procedures. Ingredient: Water, Polyphenol, Caprylyl Glycol Size: 16oz Instruction: For the peel: Wear your Gl..

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Mandelic Glycolic Acid Peel 40%
This combination gives you the benefit of anti aging, wrinkle care along with skin peeling. Mandelic acid benefit in skin renewal and restoration is next to retinoic acid. This peel solution contains 40% mandelic acid, 40% Glycolic acid and proprietary liquid blend of tyrosinase inhibiting enzyme..

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Post Peel Lactate Neutralizer
Skin peeling is a process that may result to skin damage by over processing with chemical or natural acidic peel medium. This moist solution neutralizes the action of the acidic ph medium of the peel on the skin, to prevent further reaction of the peel with the epidermis as well as prevent over proc..

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